We follow the principles of Good Medical Practice:

  • Do place the care for patients in the first place.
  • Concern with patients kindly and gently.
  • Respect the dignity and protect the confidentiality of patients.
  • Listen and respect the position of the patients.
  • Inform the patient in understandable manner for them.
  • Respect the right of patients to participate in decision-making.
  • Develop and update your professional knowledge and skills.
  • Be aware of the limits of your professional competence.
  • Be honest and credible.
  • Do not divulge.
  • Do not allow personal views to influence treatment.
  • Act promptly, protect patients from risks.
  • Do not take advantage of your professional position in the relations with patients.
  • Collaborating with your colleagues in the interest of patients.


6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
97, St. Patriarh Evtimiy blvd. Office V-b

Consultation hours

Monday – Friday   10 ÷ 18 h

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