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Hearing aiding

the Center disposes with the necessary equipment for all brands of hearing aids and performs tuning in conformity with the main principles of this activity.

Ten steps for better hearing with a hearing aid:

  • The process towards better hearing with hearing aid passes through stages of recognition that there is a permanent (standing) problem.
  • You should visit your GP and share your problem with hearing.
  • A visit to a ENT specialist who will make a detailed survey of your hearing and inform you about all possibilities for finding a solution.
  • Purchase or free of charge obtaining (through targeted assistance from the "Social Assistance" Agency of the Ministry of labour and social policy) on a hearing aid (Attention! The purchase of hearing aid is not sufficient to ensure better hearing).
  • You should have a positive attitude towards the problem of hearing through your willingness and continuous training efforts to wear a hearing aid.
  • Iindividual consultations with your ENT doctor whenever you need.
  • Setting of realistic expectations: "I expect to hear better and to understand speech because to hope to a perfect hearing means I will be disappointed!".
  • The most important key to success is the patience.
  • Don't worry if your hearing aid is not functioning. Your doctor will detect the problem and you will hear again.

The Center for hearing

aids offers the all range of hearing aids of the leading companies WIDEX which are represented in Bulgaria by ANKA company


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